BIM & IPD Expert Working Group

The BIM & IPD Intersectoral Working Group combines scientists and practitioners with advances in architecture, civil engineering, business process automation, and management consulting. This made it possible to introduce advanced developments in various industries and improve them, taking into account practical experience.

Representatives of government agencies, industry media, leading scientists and reputable professional associations, design institutes, and IT developers collaborate with us. The Group consists of the best and motivated specialists in all specialties related to the design and construction of engineering structures and real estate, as well as the development of territories and urban planning.

We are united by the idea of building effective management structures for the integrated implementation of projects of any scale and complexity - attracting and effectively managing investments in industrial, commercial and civil construction, as well as developing territories, developing cooperation and human potential, improving the socio-economic situation in the regions.

The group has developed and successfully applied the methodology for managing investment and construction projects, where the effect was achieved by constructing a comprehensive information model of the body of the object and the processes of its construction. The basis of our approach is to ensure the reliability of all information and the feasibility of processes and regulations through flexible planning in real time, taking into account the "human factor".

These developments are based on fundamental disciplines (cybernetics, the theory of active systems, circuit design of the organization of construction, a unified model of activity), strengthened by modern programs, approaches to the description and automation of business processes. More details on the methodology (link): Article in the collection of works of the international forum "Geostroy-2018", NGASU (Sibstrin) . See the list of publications.

Geography of our projects: Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, West Africa.

We took part in the implementation of dozens of industrial facilities, including nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, mining and processing plants, enterprises of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. In addition to industrial facilities, extensive experience has been gained in the integrated development of territories, the sale of residential and social facilities, including stadiums, hotels, airports and infrastructure.

BIM in construction - "... We have not seen such construction yet!" (Yu.P. Platonov)
Integrated BIM at the construction site in 2014.
"Productivity at the construction site has been tripled - and this is not the limit!" Vitaliy Blinov - CEO, Profinter
Integrated implementation of project management and planning methodology using information modeling technology (BIM)
Band History:
  • 2010 city of Association Group of digital technology enthusiasts from Belarus and Russia under the leadership of asluzhennogo Belarusian architect, doctor of architecture, professor, academician, vice-president of the International Academy of Architecture (Eurasia) VN Aladova . Work on integrated multi-dimensional modeling of promising architectural projects.
  • 2012 city of meeting representatives of the Belarusian initiative group with the PresidentMAAM, Chief Architect of the Russian Academy of Sciences, People's Architect of the USSR, Academician Yu.P. Platonic . At the same time, it was decided to create and accredit with MAAM a Working Group on the implementation of information modeling (BIM) technologies and integrated project execution (IPD) in the architectural and construction industry of Russia and Belarus, which was done in early 2013of the year. The group was also accredited to the Belarusian Academic Center of MAAM (BAARh). The head of the group was M.G. King, the group included such experts as Vladimir Talapov, Adrey Lazebny, Oleg Pakidov, Alexander Parshin, Sergey Volkov and others. The coordinator of the BIM & IPD Working Group in the Republic of Belarus was Dmitry Kulikovsky. Subsequently, such experts from the investment and construction sector as A.A. joined the group Sangdel, D.L. Morev and other specialists.
  • 2014 year. Development of a system of methodological recommendations: "Recommendations on the organization of work by the production and technical departments of construction companies in the conditions of intensive office work", "Recommendations on tenders and tenders for the supply of materials and equipment, as well as on the choice of the contractor of works at construction sites constructed through modeling of structures and their process erection ", and" Recommendations for financing construction projects through the "single current account" system. "
  • Implementation of an integrated design and construction management system in a production and installation company in Moscow. A number of members of the Working Group were elected professors of the International Academy of Architecture, branch in Moscow (A.V. Lazebny, M.G. Korol, S. Volkov, A.I. Parshin, D.P. Kulikovsky, O.I. Pakidov).
  • 2015. Active participation of the Group members in the development of a Roadmap for the implementation of BIM in Russia in cooperation with the GIPRONII RAS, MGSU, MARCHI, NOSTROY, NOPRIZ, etc.
  • Creation of the BIM / LEAN / IPD Technology Implementation Laboratory at the GIPRONII RAS.
  • In 2014-2015 , representatives of the group participated in an agreement with the Joint Institute for Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences (OIPI NAS RB) on R&D and joint development of the Real Estate Management Server (ODS)at the facilities of the Republican Grid Center. This work began after consideration on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus A.N. Kalinin, appeals of the Working Group attached to MAAM under the signature of Academician Aladov V.N. to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. The group received favorable reviews from the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences, which made it possible to work more closely with the Ministry of Architecture and Construction, as part of the "State Program for the Development and Implementation of Information Technologies for the Integrated Automation of Design and Support of the Building and Construction Life Cycle for 2012-2015. " The Republic of Belarus.
  • 2015. Curator of information and technological processes of the BIM & IPD Group, A.I. Parshin was appointed Director of Inkotech OJSC of the Ministry of Architecture of the Republic of Belarus. Inkotech OJSC was the coordinator of the "State program for the development and implementation of information technologies for the integrated automation of the design and support of the building and construction life cycle for 2012-2015." As part of the development of proposals for the further development of information technologies in construction, specialists from various industries were involved in the activities of Inkotech OJSC: Dmitry Kulikovsky, Arthur Sangdel and others.
  • Since 2015 , on an ongoing basis, together with the Expobel exhibition center and the annual republican competition "The Best Building Product of the Year" (Business Media) , sections on digital technologies and information modeling in construction "Digital Construction" have been organized and held as part of the annual Business Forum of Construction Professionals industries of the Republic of Belarus and the exhibition "Stroyexpo / Budexpo"
  • Participation in international specialized exhibitions, forums and conferences.
  • 2016 - 2018 The participation of the Group's specialists in the implementation of investment projects and the implementation of information technologies in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany.
  • 2019 g of . Creation of a product for the automated calculation, control and engineering support of CYBERPLAN investment projects.
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